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Lu'an Dazhou English school has been established for 16 years. It has trained tens of thousands of students. At present, it has a short-term English training system, a long-term professional training system, a one-to-one counseling system and other development platforms. It is a professional English training institution.

Continental English school has always been adhering to the purpose of happy learning English...

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  • Icy(饶玲玉)

    full name:Icy(饶玲玉)

    Title:Principal of Qili station Campus

    Professional certificate:English major of Wanxi University, obtained CET-4 and CET-6 certificate, primary school English teacher certificate, Certificate No(20043408521000349)

  • Carrie(杨绍翠)

    full name:Carrie(杨绍翠)

    Title:English teachers

    Professional certificate:Wanxi University, English teacher major, obtained CET-4 and CET-6 certificate, junior middle school teacher qualification certificate, Certificate No(20153406232000365)

  • Kevin(孙谋军)

    full name: :Kevin(孙谋军)

    Title:English teachers

    Professional certificate:English major of Wanxi University, with level 4 certificate, senior high school English teacher qualification certificate, Certificate No(20113408141000381)

  • Tiffany(胡胜兰)

    full name: Tiffany(胡胜兰)

    Title:English teachers

    Professional certificate:Fuyang Normal University, CET-4, CET-6 oral English, senior high school teacher qualification certificate(20183470142001001)

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Parental questions:

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  • Why some people can't learn English well


    English learning is a long-term thing. It can't be learned overnig...

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Jinwaitan Campus-Jinwai, opposite to Binhe Park, Yu'an District, Lu'an City, Anhui Province Third floor, beach education and growth center

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Haixinsha Campus-100m south of Xinglong Road and Liuyuan Road, Jin'an District, Lu'an City, Anhui Province

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Yangguang Shuian Campus-Guang Ming Lu Yang, Jin'an District, Lu'an City, Anhui Province 50 meters east of South Gate of guangshuian community

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Qili station Campus-Shop 21, building 1, shengshijiayuan, southwest, intersection of Wanxi Avenue and Chang'an Road, Zhongshi street, Jin'an District, Lu'an City

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Mount Holyoke CampusDazhou International English, 2 / F, building 3, Tayun street, opposite No.2 Middle School, Yingjia Avenue East, Huoshan County, Lu'an City, Anhui Province


Jinzhai CampusNorth Gate of Hong Kong Garden, xuanjianshan Road, Jinzhai County

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